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Done with Apex. Phantom bullets, somehow the worst positional audio out of any of the BRs, and an objectively horrible map makes for an entirely unfun experience.

Even when I'm playing at my best, it's just not worth it.

I'd rather play PUBG.

Squeaking in a little Apex while I figure out if I'm getting sick lmao. Live!

Oh good.

More vague terms that open up all sorts of crazy possibilities for YouTube to do dumb shit.

Twitch's moderation team is a joke. A really poor, awfully delivered joke.

We've got girls in bathing suits dry humping inflatable animals getting a pass, but this is sexual?

The fact it's happening to Dan of all people confuses me even more.


danPotty was removed for sexual content

..... confused

I'll be back in a couple of days! Thanks for coming out for all the Andromeda memes!

Side note: The current Apex map is hot garbage and either I just had bad luck tonight or their net code is also hot garbage lmao.

Hey @rodemics Is there some sort of loudness matching or hard limiting going on when exporting the stereo mix of the Rodecaster Pro?

It comes out substantially louder than an individual mic track, and also just sounds like it has a limiter that's clipping in spots.

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