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Happy fucking birthday to the biggest of big guys, the one person who has always been there for me to either call me an idiot or show me support. (Whichever I needed most) 25 years + you have been there for me and I'll never forget it. @LAGTVNovaWar wouldn't be me without ya

BREAKING: HISTORY as #EliudKipchoge, world’s greatest marathoner, becomes the first human to run a marathon in under 2 hours.

Kipchoge finished in 1:59:40. #INEOS159 #IneosChallenge

In my 8th grade science class a girl read “orgasm” instead of “organism” & the entire class laughed at her. To comfort her our teacher said “Everyone’s gonna forget in 2 weeks”. It’s been 9 years & I still remember Maria! I fucking remember! I hope you see this!

Squeezed in a hike before dinner. If you hear reports about big foot on the east coast, don't get too excited - it was just me.

I asked M what she last ate as we we stopped at a Timmies for a washroom break. Her response was possibly the saddest sentence I've ever heard:

"I had 3 slices of Spam for breakfast."


I'll be mostly offline this weekend including my birthday on Sunday as M and I are going on a road trip!

Too all my fellow Canadians have an awesome Thanksgiving!

See you all soon!

#TechnicalAlpha Episode 125 is now available everywhere! Thanks for watching, listening, and supporting as always!

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