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Sneaking another couple of hours in! NMS continues, live!

Getting in a short stream while M studies! No Man's Sky continues, live!

The Last Samurai is one of the greatest movies ever made.

Not sure if I'm streaming tonight. Spent the afternoon working on trying to fix my neighbors laptop, and putting together some PC parts lists for Jeff.

Mark, bless him, dropped off his id14 interface so I'll be able to send my id22 in for repairs.

We'll see how my night goes!

Yo wtf new Guilty Gear looks crazy good

#TechnicalAlpha Episode 122 is now available everywhere! Thanks for watching, listening, and supporting as always!

#TechnicalAlpha Episode 122 is now live! Come join the show!

Pretty sure the woman in front of my at Tim Hortons just ordered enough food for three families?

I'm just trying to get some podcast coffee...

Short ish 5-6 hours to stream today and that means more time for NMS travels! Come hang out, live!

Would you look at that, it's half past make more money in NMS so we can afford an overpriced ship! Come hang out, live!

Well we got our power and internet back, so that means we're back to NMS! Come hang out, live!

Both ISPs here have a loss of service all over the place.

I lost and still don't have internet, and even some cell towers have been affected.

If I'm not live tomorrow etc that's likely why haha.

When the power goes out all day and you nap like 3 times you don't tend to sleep at night lmao.

Shit lol.

You know there's at least two idiots on the rocks in Peggy's Cove right now.

Rattled that this storm is likely to make me miss this UFC lmao.

Power already out in some places and the wind bath picked up.

This is going to be fun lol.

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