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Monopoly. Fallout Monopoly. No warm up, we're hopping right in. Buckle the fuck up.

This is the saltiest, luckiest, craziest game of Monopoly I've ever taken part in. What an absolute five alarm fire from start to end!

We're back with more golf, and apparently we may dip our toes into Table Top Simulator?! Come hang out, live!

Chuck Franzke “Dancing Chuck” — is a 97-year old Wisconsin WWII Navy pilot — and he’s not letting quarantine get him down.

I’m here for this...🌎❤️

We don't play golf to feel bad. We play bad golf, but feel good. Golf With Your Friends and lord knows what else while we wait for FF7R, live!

One hour of DDPYoga has me feeling like I just got hit by a truck, so we're going to swim around in Subnautica for a while to get that cardio up!

Come join the stream, live!

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