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What an awesome shot from @AEWrestling #BashattheBeach 💥 check out this #KILLER gear @sgovintage made for me! DDP💎 #AEWDynamite

Shitty Games Done Slow continues! Shenmue has fallen, and in its place rises one of the most delayed games of all time - Duke Nukem Forever. Live!

I love Kpop but the fandom has quite seriously made me stay away.

It was always pretty die hard but it's gotten significantly worse in the last 3 or so years.

Psychologists must be busy studying it, I swear.

China apparently playing real life Plague Inc?

Good thing it isn't close to the en masse travel time during lunar new year...wait.

Going to take me over an hour to get to Jeff's today for the podcast. Snowstorm hit and roads are absolutely awful lol.

Probably shouldn't be on the road.

Yolo like it's 2012.

I just watched 63 years young DDP jump off the top turnbuckle.

Great to see him be able to do so well after all these years!

SGDS is taking a day off! Brian is busy this evening after a particularly long work day, M took the day off due to a migraine, and I have had the world's saltiest stomach.

We'll be back on Friday with Duke Nukem Forever!

Someone who's following ball want to give me the low down on why the Bucks are seemingly crushing it this season?

Warren throwing Sanders under the bus last minute is exactly the kind of behaviour that dismantles the Democrats.

Warren fans more likely to spoil their vote than back Sanders should it come to it. Dem vote gets split, Rep vote is far more unified.

This isn't unique to the US.

This answers nothing important such as how long ago they sold out, how many units were sold post announcement that resulted in the scarcity, and how long their production takes.

Given the price, this is far more likely being used as a marketing and hype ploy. (1/4)


Valve Index out of stock around the globe ahead of Half-Life: Alyx launch

Brian and I both fell asleep playing Shenmue.

That might be the most poorly paced game ever made.

We can't even make it entertaining so we talked with the community and we're doing a combo of Duke Nukem Forever and True Crime Streets of New York in its place for SGDS.

#SGDS2019 Has properly arrived! Come join the show as we start Shenmue! Live! Http://

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