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It's super late and I'm just going live. M and I totally didn't fall asleep at like 730. I promise.

#TechnicalAlpha Episode 140 is now available everywhere! Thanks for watching, listening, and supporting on patreon as always!

To quote M, my obviously better half, "Look out Zoomers, here comes the Boomer!" Kill Leader, 2k damage, and a W to end the night! Also my stream video quality right now 👀👀

I'm back! Time for some more APEX runs. We don't play APEX to feel bad. We play bad APEX, but feel good.

Will elaborate on the podcast tomorrow, but the #SONIC movie was actually pretty great!

Amazing what they pulled off with what happened, and I'm sad that the team that saved it won't get a chance to share in its financial success.

After coming back to @PlayApex recently I've got some thoughts:

1) Positional audio is still really bad.
2) Some skins have awful hitboxes.
3) Gibraltar's balance is a meme.
4) Sniper ammo was a great move.
5) Current map is generally good.
6) What crime did Bangalore commit?!

APEX. It's a game. We're playing it. You should come watch. You'll feel better about yourself, I promise. Live!

Will be live later. M is caring for Nan and I'm making dinner for the family while mom and dad are out for appointments.

See you all a bit!

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