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Halo Reach on the PC is pretty great. Campaign is good if not brief, and online works flawlessly so far.

I am experiencing stuttering like crazy, however, even when reading at 60fps. Will investigate further but it kind of makes multiplayer harder than it needs to be haha.

I'm playing Halo. Everyone is playing Halo. I'm half asleep. This soundtrack is so soothi.....I'M LIVE

Today marks the first day that helps determine whether or not one of the most important gaming franchises in history will become relevant again, and perhaps more importantly with this goal in mind, become an eSports staple once more.

Good luck, @Halo ! #HaloReach #HaloMCC

I'm back with more Andromeda! We gotta get this bad boy out of the way for SGDS!

Hey @TwitchSupport I believe I have 178 pending Twitch Prime loot boxes that say otherwise. Any ideas? Lol. I wanted to give them away today, which would also clear the worst placed notification box at the top of chat for everyone.

#NationalNielDiamondDay is now live! The hat has been found, Hearthstone has been updated, the tradition continues - live!

National Neil Diamond day is tomorrow (Sunday). Buckle up for the official start of the Christmas season!

Will probably play some No Man's Sky!

Let's play the "how long until the freezing rain or an idiot with all seasons hitting a pole knocks out my power" game! Live!


Podcast has been moved to tomorrow (Friday the 29th) due to weather. The roads are awful, no salt trucks have gone out, it's rush our, and police have an advisory out to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.

See you tomorrow!

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