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"...Rocket League has earned it and should have a spot on your games to play list. If you haven’t already, you should play Rocket League."

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I don't sell out very often...but when I do...

I sell Ashley Williams' soul for $750.

War Council is the best bunch of meth dealers around.

#TheHoldUp Mass Effect playthrough continues, live! Come hang out and spend some time with the War Council!


Since my commission queue has been full for weeks, I'll slowly be raising my prices.

Those who've sent in commission requests until now will be getting the "old" price.

I'll be working to update my images so that everything is up to date.

Thanks for everything❤

Hard pass.

Twitch desperately looking for ways to renegotiate payouts and find new bounty board avenues lmao.

If they don't already have an idea of how much people are getting paid by sponsors they might have let too many Twitch OG people go.


So Twitch sent out a survey to some partners asking how much money they are making on sponsorships.

It is not in your best interests to answer that question, nor do you have any obligation to share your private financial data with them.

Just watched the #stadia presentation.

Super utopian stuff they were talking about from just about every angle. If they deliver, it will be a massive disrupter in the entertainment space.

We still need to know price and latency numbers, but that was a very convincing show.

#TheHoldUp Mass Effect playthrough continues, live! See you there!

#TheHoldUp Mass Effect playthrough continues, live! Come join the best stream on the Citadel!

And yet at least 50% of my matches yesterday had aimbots lol.

There are loads of amazing players, but many super obvious hackers.

I don't envy the team who has to solve this problem. Unfortunately I don't know how much I want to play until they get a better handle on it.


Apex Legends has banned 355,000 players on PC for cheating, and that's just the beginning

Here we go! Apex continues, live!

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