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Won't be live today, everyone.

As a reminder, between now and pretty much mid July streams will be unpredictable and sometimes scarce as Gabs and I sort her things and then I subsequently move myself.

Thanks for your patience and hope to see you soon!

I have no idea what it is but there's an incessant beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep (pause then repeat) coming from outside the house somewhere and it's going right through my bedroom wall.

It's been going for hours.

Kill me.

Sweet lord I haven't played Forza in forever so I check my messages and since I last played the devs Solent out like 40 super wheel spins lmao.

Time to strike it rich!

Forza Horizon 4 is a remarkably good racing game.

Just relaxing with some of it tonight and it just impresses with not only the amount of content, but the quality of the content and the detail the game has.

Really impressive.

There's a good chance that Tommy Chong's character from That 70s Show just delivered my food.

Same voice and all lmao.

[ ๐Ÿฆ‰ L I V E ]

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๐ŸŽฎ Layers of Fear 2

Join us!

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Well between my roommates deciding to do all of their house work from 6am on a Sunday to Wrex taking that as a cue to be up and running around, I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep much despite being in bed until 230pm.

Feeling brutal lol.

The promised match from the World Vision charity event just wrapped up with @Rif_kingz vs @LAGTVNovaWar (+ @LAGTVMB )

Clip credit to Zero_Blod

Doing a stream raising money for the kids through @worldvisioncan we're live right now! Tune in:

Guaranteed this guy is gay.

Also, bless him for managing to be dense enough to somehow come to the conclusion the Bible preaches any kind of hate.

What a bag of hammers lol.


This police officer has been relieved of duty after his virulently homophobic sermons came to light

Back on the MSQ! Final Fantasy 14 continues, live!

Shoutout to my boy @LAGTVMB who will likely be awake within the next 30 minutes.

I'm going to bed lmao.

โ€œI hope people see why Canada is so special.โ€ @Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia makes us proud to be Canadian. #WeTheNorth #ThisIsCanada

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