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"...Rocket League has earned it and should have a spot on your games to play list. If you haven’t already, you should play Rocket League."

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It's time for some quick maths, and hopefully better puns! Trying The Division 2, live! Come hang out!

Hey! You there! I need your help deciding about Division 2. Vote here if you have a moment and give a damn hahaha.

When one of the members of Terrace House you don't particularly like decides to announce they're leaving.

[ 🦉 L I V E ]

🎀 Plundering the seven seas with @thecoachmilky !
🎮 Sea of Thieves

Join us!

| RT = ❤️ | #SeaofThieves #TeamKitty |

#SGDS2019 continues, this time for real with Two Worlds hahaha. Come join us, live!

After another 9 hours of Sekiro, I can confirm that it is indeed a confused mess. A beautiful, tight controlled mess.

It's neither Tenchu, or Dark Souls. In trying to be both it muddies the game design and presents unfun, unrewarding gameplay more often than it should.

#SGDS2019 Is back! Two Worlds continues, live!

MFW @Eastlink sells the identical model Note 9 I purchased, but don't have an OTA update or available firmware for patching the Note 9 with VoLTE service.

We swapped the SIM before they knew it was an unlocked model and now I only have 4g, not even LTE lmao.


Shitty Games Done Slow comes back today in about 3 hours so buckle up!

I never did find that thing...

#Sekiro #SekiroShadowDieTwice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice starts strong with design and mechanics that meld so satisfyingly well. Unfortunately, that gets pulled out from under you quickly and it reveals a game at odds with itself.

I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to complete it.

I slept little and poorly. It's raining outside and I'm fighting the good fight to stay awake. There's only one solution...

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (or in our case about 4568 times) begins, live!

It's 2019 and while I'm making breakfast I'm watching a mini documentary on the song I'm Blue.

Why not.

Just want to say thanks to the War Council for allowing me to sell Ashley Williams soul.

I can enjoy this unwanted phone purchase a bit easier now instead of just being salty about it.

You guys and gals are incredible!

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