About Us

War Council Gaming is the home of my humble community and where I bring my thoughts on the games we play to the world for those who care enough to hear them.

I aim to produce quality reviews of the games I live stream in written, audio, and video form. As much as one can be when reviewing anything, I strive to be as impartial as possible – but of course my own biases will influence the reviews. Just like any reviewer, you should take my words with a grain of salt and make sure you make an educated decision when it comes time to put your money down on any game. If you’re interested in my review system, you’ll find an explanation further down this page should you ever need to reference it.

I have been extraordinarily blessed to be able to be a content creator for as long as I have been, and it’s this community that keeps the wheels turning day after day. A huge thank you to everyone who has, and who continues to support me after all this time!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a special thank you to Nicky Hajal for building this website. Enduring the process of helping me learn the ins and outs of WordPress, and bringing my design ideas to life is a task I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy but here we are and it’s all thanks to him!

I also want to give a special thank you to my video editor Mark, who much like Nicky, has suffered at the hands of fate that is the task of bringing my ideas to life and keeping the wheels on throughout this crazy endeavor.


I’ve spent a lot of time around the game review community over the last 15 years or so and have seen the good the bad and the ugly. I survived the wars brought on by Gamespot’s 0.1 scale system, and the confusion around not having a rating system at all. It’s a challenge, honestly, to have a system in place that allows a reviewer to best express their feelings outside of their written review but I fell in love with the idea of a loose 5 star system when Giantbomb came along post Jeff Gerstmann’s end at Gamespot.

I believe the 5 star system allows more of the sentiment come through than a 10 point scale, or even worse a more granular scale, which is exactly why…I created the 6 star system. For all intents and purposes my system is that of a 5 star, but when a game gets just about everything right within reason that you could hope for it gets the extra star to really drive that point home. To aid in cases where a game may not get a high star rating but still shines in particular areas, I have a badge list that allows me to highlight those areas for games that deserve the attention. Below, I’ll provide an explanation of each star rating, and an explanation of what each of the badges mean. If you ever forget, just stop back here or hover (PC) / tap (Mobile) the badges on the review page to see their explanation.


Probably not the game you’re looking for. At one star, even the most die hard fans might find it a hard pill to swallow whenever they boot this bad boy up.
It’s not unplayable but it’s definitely not a great experience. Fans may be ok with the downsides but others may want to think twice before diving in.
This is where most games hang out. It’s a solid experience that’s not wrought with issues but doesn’t necessarily knock it out of the park, either.
Now we’re talkin’! At this point it’s a game that does the genre justice, has few glaring issues, and is generally a very well produced game.
A game that reaches this point is likely one that just about anyone with any interest will enjoy. This is an easy choice, even at full price.
They say perfect doesn’t exist, but this game gets freakishly close.